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About Us

in 2017 the United States Environmental Protection Agency spent $8,058,488,000 of our tax money. For decades they have been racking up millions or even billions of our hard earned money since 1970. I don't know about you but this raises questions, Where is this money exactly going? Why do I still see concerning environmental issues? I would like to think that with all the money they get we would see a huge improvement in our streets and oceans... 

So you may ask, Whats our mission? What are we going to do to change the dynamic? Are we going to solve this problem? Our first goal is to reduce the amount of plastic bags and water bottles used. 

In order to do this we must first make people more aware and knowledgable on what is going on. Based off this knowledge and awareness it is up to YOU to decide weather or not you want to help achieve this mission. 

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Gandhi